For Researchers

Main Campus, Medical Center, and Law Center Faculty and Staff can access the GU-PASS regulatory and compliace modues using their GU Net ID and passwords.

The Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy Disclosure module is now active. You can complete your initial, annual, or updated Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) by logging on and choosing : Financial COI Policy Disclosure

Others modules include:

  • External Grant Proposal Submissions (Main, Medical, and Law Center)
  • Internal Grant Proposal Submissions (Main Campus)
  • Clinical Trials Contract Management
  • Grant Proposal Sub-Contract Managements
  • Study-Specific FCOI Management

If you have any problems accessing or using GU-PASS then please request help by sending an email message to, calling ext. 7-4949 on campus or calling (855) 687-4949 if off campus.

For additional information or to provide feedback, please e-mail