What is GU-PASS?  

GU-PASS stands for “Georgetown University Proposal Application Submission System.”  This new resource incorporates automated processes (modules) required to do research at the University in one intuitive on-line system. University Information Services (UIS) in collaboration with Main Campus, Medical Center and Law Center researchers and administrators began the development of GU-PASS in April 2016. It is the replacement for the outdated TRACS system.

What regulatory and compliance modules are included in GU-PASS? 

We began GU-PASS by developing the Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure module that all faculty should use for their yearly financial COI disclosure statements required by GU policy. In addition, it can be used anytime during the year by faculty or staff involved in funded research grants when their financial status changes.

Main Campus Sabbatical management which automates faculty leave requests to their Chair, Dean and Provost for approvals, Main Campus Internal Grants submission, and External Grant proposal submissions for both Main Campus, Medical Center and Law Center.  Secondary modules for grant sub-award and clinical trial management are also scheduled for development

Who can use GU-PASS? 

All faculty and staff can access GU-PASS “anytime-anywhere” by using their GU Net IDs and passwords and GU-supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer).

How was GU-PASS developed?

UIS assembled a team of three GU software developers to build the application modules for GU-PASS. We used a commercial, cloud-based product, Mendix,  a rapid application platform-as-a-service product. This product offers us opportunities to build future applications for Georgetown as needed in a modular fashion – taking advantage of the foundation of GU-PASS.

What technical support is available for GU-PASS?

If you have any problems accessing or using GU-PASS then please request help by sending an email message, calling ext. 7-4949 on campus or calling (855) 687-4949 if off campus.

Is training provided for GU-PASS? 

On-line tutorials are being developed for each GU-PASS module, with community training sessions planned on a regular basis, especially for new faculty and staff.

What if you created a proposal unintentionally? Can you delete a proposal? 

If you have 2 proposals listed (1 was accidentally initiated) and need to delete one, you have the right to delete. This option is available at the pending submission section. Select the proposal (should be highlighted), and the option to delete is available.

For additional information or to provide feedback, please e-mail GU-PASS.