COI Disclosures

Banner which says Financial COI Policy Disclosure

The GU-PASS Financial Conflict of Interest module provides an easy, automated way for faculty to submit and update required financial information to meet University requiremnents.


The University’s Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy requires that employees make an initial disclosure upon the commencement of their employment, a regular annual disclosure, and updated disclosures whenever there is a material change in their circumstances that renders their most recent disclosure incomplete or inaccurate.

You can complete your initial, annual, or updated FCOI Policy Disclosure in this system. If you are interrupted while working on a disclosure, you can save what you have entered by clicking the green save as draft button at the bottom of the page. When you are finished with your disclosure, click the blue submit for review button at the bottom of the page.

Terms that appear in block capitals are defined in the FCOI Policy. Hover over these terms and a pop up with a definition will appear. Alternatively, you may click on them to be taken to the definitions section of the FCOI Policy.

FAQ’s about the University policy